Our Salt Cave is a whole-body wellness experience available in the Triangle only at Skin Sense. Pass through the solid wood, handmade door that protects our cave and enter a sanctuary bathed in thousands of shades of pink emanating from hundreds of enormous blocks of Himalayan Salt. Tread gently across the crushed salt floor and settle into a zero-gravity chair, lean back, relax, and breath. The cave air is saturated in the purest salt on earth. Infused with dozens of minerals your lungs and skin eagerly absorbs the nutrients your body craves. The salt aids your body to draw out impurities and toxins, leaving you better balanced either before or after one of our massages, facials, or body or nail treatments.


Children's Salt Cave Schedule:
Monday & Tuesday 10-2pm, 4-6pm ONLY


Salt Cave Adult (Age 16+)

Salt Cave Teen (Age 13-15)


Salt Cave Senior (Age 65+)

Salt Cave Children (Age 2-12)

Salt Cave SCalp Massage