Our enhancements are offered as add-ons and not as individual treatments.You may add any of these enhancements to your treatment(s) at the time of reservation, upon arrival, or during your appointment.

A Touch of Stone 

Melt away tension and experience deeper relaxation as Basalt hot stones are placed and lightly massaged at key points of your body to alleviate muscle stiffness and pain..................$10 (Member $8)


Surround yourself in the restorative effects of our essential oils. Increase energy and concentration with energizing eucalyptus, relax and relieve stress with calming lavender, or uplift your mood with cooling peppermint............$5 (Member $4)

Ayurvedic Mustard Oil 

Experience deeper relaxation, soothe muscle tension, and increase circulation with a warming Ayurvedic Mustard Oil instilled with therapeutic marjoram, soothing lavender, nourishing rosemary, and fragrant sandalwood and thyme...................$10 (Member $8)

Stone Crop Hydration 

Soothe and soften skin with a lightweight massage oil that absorbs quickly, leaving a matte satin finish. The combination of Stone Crop and coconut oil is ideal for treating dry, irritated skin along with sunburns..……...$10 (Member $8)

Allergy Relief Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Experience sinus and allergy relief with a targeted lymphatic drainage massage that promotes flow, decongests the nasal passage, and opens your airway. A deeply relaxing scalp massage will then increase circulation, decrease tension, and massage away stress................$25(Member $19)

Trigger Point Therapy 

Experience relief in constricted muscles with Trigger Point Therapy that alleviates the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release using our Skin Sense Therapy Ball.......$10 (Member $8)

Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub 

Enjoy the penetrating heat of hot towels as pure Himalayan salt naturally exfoliates and melts away dry, rough skin while soothing, organic essential oils nourish and hydrates to leave feet feeling smoother, softer and totally renewed...............$20 (Member $15)

Baby Foot Extraordinary Foot Peel 

Revel in softer, smoother, baby-like feet with this powerful exfoliating foot peel that reduces the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage, leaving the feet renewed. Works extremely well on dry, rough feet.....$45 (Member $34)

Coconut Hydrating Heel Treatment 

Experience an intensely hydrating treatment for dry, rough heels and feet. Coconut and Argan oil stimulates the renewal of skin cells while deeply hydrating the feet, leaving the skin soft and smooth……....$10 (Member $8)

Heated Lavender Hand Treatment 

Nourish and refine hands by slipping on our special self-heating paraffin gloves, infused with soothing antioxidant lavender, jojoba oil, and beeswax. The gloves’ soothing heat helps the nutrients penetrate deeply into your skin for exceptional nourishment.....$29 (Member $19)

Heated Lavender Foot Treatment 

Hydrate and restore dry, cracked feet with our special self-heating paraffin booties. Infused with soothing antioxidant lavender and hydrating jojoba oils, this treatment penetrates deeply into your skin for exceptional nourishment...........$30 (Member $20)

LED Light Therapy 

Intensify your facial with a fast-acting LED light treatment that penetrates multiple layers of skin and increases cellular activity to treat damaged skin. It treats acne, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, enlarged pores along with severe signs of anti-aging......$25 (Member $19)

Scalp Massage 

Let your worries fade away and experience a deeper relaxation with a soothing scalp massage. Gentle fingers massage away tension, alleviate stress, increase circulation, and improve sleep. It’s the perfect addition to any nail treatment or facial...........$15 (Member $12) 

Lip Treatment 

Renew your lips with this deeply hydrating treatment using Shea Butter that minimizes fine lines and remove dry, dead skin leaving lips feeling soft and moisturized ......$15 (Member $12) 

with Microdermabrasion..........$50 (Member $37)

Eye Treatment 

Treat fine lines and dark circles with this intensely hydrating and brightening eye treatment that aids in alleviating milia, crow’s feet and puffiness......$25 (Member $19)

Décolleté Treatment 

Smooth, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin with this exfoliating and immensely hydrating treatment. Perfect for treating fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, redness, and acne.....$35 (Member $19)

Clean Sweep Décolleté..........................$75 (Member $55)

Lash and Brow Tint 

Color your way to gorgeous eyelashes and brows to enhance your best features with lash and brow tinting.................$35 (Member $19)