At Skin Sense, our wide selection of Bodyworks are divided into categories: massage, body treatments, ancient therapy, and packages of treatments for yourself and for others. We've structured our therapeutic massage sessions to provide you with the maximum benefit from our professional therapists. Your treatment begins with a brief consultation so that you can inform your therapist of any special concerns or needs, and it ends with your therapist sharing his or her findings and making recommendations for you to achieve long-lasting results.

Full Body Massage

A classic Swedish treatment to soothe body and mind for ultimate relaxation. This technique also stimulates circulation and calms the nervous system for an overall sense of well-being.

50 Min | $75 (Member $55)

80 Min | $125 (Member $95)

100 Min | $150 (Member $110)

Deep Tissue Massage

More intense than Full Body Massage, Deep Tissue Massage helps release tension and pain through focused attention to specific muscle groups. Great in a series with each session building upon the last. The paramount aim is to reduce stiffness and increase range of motion.

50 Min | $90 (Member $67)

80 Min | $140 (Member $104)

100 Min | $165 (Member $122)

Instant Ahh

 $50 (Member $37) | 25 Min

Focused, relaxing neck, back, & shoulder massage for those on the go.

Couple’s Massage

The ultimate way to spend quality time together. Share an experience of deep relaxation with this Swedish massage treatment designed especially for two. The perfect gift! (For those who prefer another type of massage instead of Swedish, most of our other massages are available for an additional charge.)

Please call the spa to schedule your Couple’s Massage: (919) 870-0700.

50 Minutes | $150 (member $110)

80 MInutes | $250 (member $190)

100 MINutes | $300 (Member $220)

Couple’s Suite

Share relaxation with a fifty, eighty, or one hundred minute Swedish massage and 30-minute hydrotherapy bath for two. (Both must be members for members pricing.)

Please call the spa to schedule your Couple’s Suite: (919) 870-0700.

50 Min | $240 (member $178)

80 Min | $340 (member $252)

100 Min | $390 (member $289)

Specialty Treatments

Peppermint Patty

$135 (Member $101) | 80 Min

Refresh your body and mind with a decadent massage using warm chocolate oil, heated basalt stones, and fresh eucalyptus leaves to boost the body's immune system. Warm towels penetrate the oils, intensifying the rejuvenating effects of the eucalyptus and chocolate, while a mind-cleansing scalp massage and extraordinary lymphatic drainage facial massage complement the cooling mint lotion smoothed into the body. 

Hot Stone Massage

$135 (Members $101) | 80 Min

Basalt stones are heated in a bath of warm water and calming blend of aromatherapy oils, then placed over your body's energy points. The stone's warmth restores your natural balance. Another set of warmed stones are used for deeply relaxing Swedish massage.

Lomi Lomi Massage

$150 (Member $110) | 80 Min

Our Lomi Lomi massage provides a whole body experience for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. This technique focuses on a continuous flow of hands to further your relaxation, calm your nervous system, and promote harmony and overall balance.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

$130 (Member $97) | 80 Min

Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage with Himalayan salt stones which contain 84 trace minerals that aid in eliminating toxins and restore a natural balance. The salt stones will lightly exfoliate the skin while promoting deep relaxation, reduced inflammation, and improved sleep.

Milk and Honey Body Treatment

$125 (Member $95) | 80 Min

A Skin Sense signature treatment delivering head-to-toe hydration. Dry brushing and a milk and honey exfoliating salt scrub increase the body’s circulation and release tension while our deeply hydrating milk and honey body masque and relaxing scalp massage calm the mind. (Please note that to minimize the risk of skin irritation, refrain from shaving on the day of this exfoliating body treatment.)

Stone Crop Contouring Body Wrap

$150 (Member $110) | 50 Min

Enjoy a head-to-toe glow with this four-part treatment that will contour, tone, and tighten your skin. Infused with Stonecrop–a Hungarian anti-inflammatory succulent–this treatment gently exfoliates using a sugar and salt scrub, detoxifies and hydrates with a restorative body wrap, promotes deep relaxation with a stress relieving scalp massage, and contours the skin to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite for firm and smoother looking skin.

Mother’s Massage

A massage uniquely designed for the mother-to-be or new mother. Reduces the aches and pains from pre-and post-natal changes. 


50 Min | $80 (Member $60)

80 Min | $130 (member $97)



$50 (Member $37) | 55 Min

Get creative! Paint your body with four types of mud filled with vitamins and minerals that aid in hydration, toning, slimming and exfoliation. Our muds are self-applied, set to dry with our heat lamps, then showered off leaving the skin soft, smooth and toned. The mud room can accommodate up to four people and is perfect as a romantic retreat for couples or for a fun outing with friends. You may bring an old bathing suit if you wish. Some muds may stain clothing.  (Priced per person.)

Shiro Dhara

$65 (Member $49) | 50 Min

An Ayurvedic treatment using the continuous flow of oil on the third eye found in the middle of the forehead beginning and finishing with a relaxing marma point scalp massage to create harmony between the mind and the body. Traditionally used for pain relief, this stress release treatment aids in removing “mind junk”, leaving mental clarity and easing a range of neurological symptoms. 

Thai Reflexology Foot Massage

$95 (Member $71) | 50 Min

Experience a deep relaxation and renewed energy with our pressure point foot massage. The Thai technique utilizes a Thai tool that stimulates pressure points in the foot that mirror areas of the body to bring total body balance.


$50 (Member $37) | 25 Min

Experience total body wellness as this ancient Chinese technique stimulates pressure points in the foot that mirror areas of the body to bring total body balance and a sense of well-being. Discover a new world of renewed energy and relaxation.