Facial skin is among the most delicate skin on the body. Give yours the care it deserves. Our licensed estheticians will recommend products and treatments best suited to your particular needs from targeting a problem area to developing a daily skin care plan just for you. Our Faceworks treatments include facials, microdermabrasion, and makeup and tinting.

Clean Sweep

Our microdermabrasion is a resurfacing treatment that uses a spray of crystals to remove dead cell layers, help break apart age and sun spots, and smooth out small lines. We offer corundum, organic crystals or diamond tip microdermabrasion. If you have a preference, please ask. 

Clean Sweep w/ Enzymes

$175 (MEMBER $130) | 50 Min

Experience three levels of renewal as natural fruit enzymes, microdermabrasion, and lactic acid are combined to gently resurface the skin, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while diminishing the effects of hyper-pigmentation. The antioxidant power of seaweed and healing properties of arnica soothe and replenish the skin for immediately stunning results. Visible improvement for all skin types.

Discoloration Age-Defense Facial

$125 (MEMBER $95) | 50 miN

A deep, pore-cleansing facial with a 30% glycolic acid coupled with fruit enzymes, salicylic acid, Nacinamide, and Kojic acid to even skin tone, reduce fine lines and the appearance of skin discoloration. This facial is great for photo-damaged or hyperpigmented skin as well as enlarged pores.

Mangosteen Resurfacing Facial

$125 (member $95) | 50 min

An antioxidant rich super fruit; Mangosteen, and lactic acid gently resurface the skin and minimizes pore for luminous complexion. Packed with inflammatory properties, Mangosteen promotes skin renewal and radiance

Açaí Firming Facial

$95 (MEMBER $71) | 50 MIN

An anti-aging, results-oriented facial, containing the antioxidant-rich Açaí berry along with 18 other fruits and resveratrol, to aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and inflammation. Experience all over exfoliation and hydration of the skin.

Clarity Facial

$110 (Member $84) | 50 MIN

Clarify the skin’s overall texture and appearance with this purifying and revitalizing treatment. Enjoy the exfoliating effects of lactic acid while Charcoal aids in cleaning out and minimizing pore size. Kaolin Clay deep cleans and prepares the skin for the infusion of soothing shea butter to restore the skin’s moisture. Vitamins and nutrients from fresh Pomelo and bamboo extract help to minimize lines and wrinkles leaving the skin fresh and renewed.

Bellame Exfoliating Facial

$185 (MEMBER $145) | 50 MIN

Our Bellame microdermabrasion facial is a luxurious anti-aging facial for all skin types that aid in removing dead skin cells, helps break apart hyperpigmentation, and uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate and calm compromised skin.

Four-Layered Facial

$125 (MEMBER $95) | 50 MIN

The most luxurious facial. Rich in vitamins and minerals. The four layers improve circulation, eliminate toxins, soften lines, and add moisture. Recommended for all skin types but especially beneficial for dry skin.

Oxygen Infusion Facial

$125 (MEMBER $95) | 50 MIN

A breath of fresh air for your face. This super-hydrating, pure oxygen facial stimulates collagen and elastin fiber formation, plus it’s fortified with antioxidants A, C & E and 87 different minerals. Great for all skin types especially for acne, dry and sun damaged skin. Also beneficial before and after facial surgery to promote healing.

Age-Corrective Facial w/ Eye & Lip Treatment

$125 (MEMBER $95) | 50 MIN

This results-oriented facial uses Coconut, Bamboo, and Neroli with a natural Retinol alternative and Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells to increase collagen production and restore elastin fiber. This facial improves cell vitality while smoothing fine lines. A regenerating eye treatment aids in alleviating small milia around the eyes, crow’s feet and puffiness, while a deeply hydrating lip treatment removes dry skin, refines fine lines, and removes microcomedones caused by lipsticks. 

Glycolic Enzyme Facial

$95 (MEMBER $71) | 50 Min

A deep, pore cleansing facial with 30% glycolic acid coupled with a fruit enzyme and salicylic acid that is designed to exfoliate and break down dead skin cells to promote a smoother, clearer complexion. Great for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, as well as acne conditions. 

Bright Skin Facial w/ Eye Treatment

$110 (MEMEBR $84) | 50 MIN

A results-oriented facial that aids in correcting uneven skin complexion due to hyperpigmentation from sun damage. Organic Licorice extract, Natural Hydroquinone Alternative and nourishing Stone Crop brighten and improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of dark spots and the signs of aging. A brightening eye treatment with Wild Plum, Naseberry and Raspberry extracts reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. 

Clear Skin Acne Treatment

$95 (MEMBER $71) | 50 MIN

A deep, pore cleansing facial that combines Alpha Lipoic and Lactic acid with probiotic-rich yogurt and sweet almond milk to remove impurities and kill bacteria, reduce the signs of acne, and restore balance to skin. Organic Lime and Cucumber extracts minimize the look of pores while soothing Tea Tree oil cools and balances skin.

Skin Balancing Facial

$85 (MEMBER $65) | 50 MIN

A fundamental, classic spa facial, including a masque customized to your skin’s needs. 

Calm Facial w/ Eye Treatment

$110 (MEMBER $84) | 50 MIN

A calming, anti-aging facial designed to soothe allergic or rosacea-prone skin with rejuvenating fruit extracts, anti-oxidants, and deeply moisturizing Stone Crop by Éminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary. A pore refining pineapple enzyme peel boosts collagen while our eye treatment with rejuvenating Naseberry aids to reduce fluid retention around the eye area and reduces dark circles and fine lines.

Skin Gym

$50 (MEMBER $37) | 25 MIN

A workout for your skin —Skin Gym is uniquely tailored to target your skin’s specific needs and includes an evaluation and personalized guide for future care. Especially good between facial treatments or as a weekly treatment. Try a series for superb results.

Clarifying Back Treatment

$65 (MEMBER $49) | 45 MIN

A deep cleansing back facial treatment that includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation of dead cells, light massage, extractions, and a customized treatment masque to help keep the back smooth and free of dry skin and breakouts. 

Brow and Lash Tint

Get rid of eyebrow pencils and mascara — try our safe, natural-looking alternative. We use a vegetable tint that usually lasts three to four weeks and can be applied in shades from medium brown to black. These are à la carte treatments that can also be scheduled together. 

$25 Lash Tint (MEMBER $19)

(MEMBER $12)

Allergy Relief Lymphatic Drainage Massage

$25 (MEMBER $19) | 15 Min

Experience sinus and allergy relief with a targeted lymphatic drainage massage and a deeply relaxing scalp massage. 

Chemical Peels

Promote a clear, smooth complexion by reducing the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation with these powerful exfoliating treatments. 

$95 (member $71)
55 min

Jessner Peel With raspberry + lycopene
$125 (member $95)
50 min

baby foot extraordinary foot peel
$45 (member $34)
50 min